Discovery Mission VBS: Critical for the Future of our Church, Energetic and Fun



“I’ll be Father Mark. You be Sister Clarinda and you two pretend to get married. Benjamin put the bow tie on.”

“Don’t worry, you’re changing a clean diaper. Get in the go-cart once you change the doll so our team can win the race to church!”

“Chips and salsa? My favorite!”

“I know all about Adoration. Follow me.”

“Joey is pretending to be Saint Isidore. He was a farmer.”

“‘Hope sets the World Afire’ is my favorite song!”

These are words children shared during one of our trial Discovery Mission VBS events, as they listened to God’s special mission. Most children will continue to listen for His calling for many years before they’re certain of their vocation. But, for many, Discovery Mission VBS will open their hearts and begin the new journey of listening. Students will know  more about the powerful priestly vocation, the holiness of married life and the selflessness of the religious life.

Churches will celebrate and learn about Catholic vocations with stand-up cutouts or similar decorations during assemblies. Children will follow missionaries on a gorgeous world map. They’ll dance and sing about vocations during a time when more and more families miss out on opportunities to personally know priests and the religious. This is an important mission!



During prayer time, children will be introduced to saints who listened to their call to the priesthood, religious life, and marriage. Praying, singing and adoring the Blessed Sacrament will be cherished. In the Game Station, youth will play racing throwing, climbing games that teach them more about vocations. Parishes will create string art, drawings and picture frames in the Art Station. They will enjoy salty and sweet snacks that even connect to vocations during snack time.

Why is this VBS much more than fun and memorable? It’s critical to the future of our church! Generations before us were taught by Sisters who showed love to them and to our Catholic faith. Today’s grandparents broke bread and played cards with Fathers. As children they knew what monks were and what it meant for laity to minister to the youth. Many witnessed happy marriages that were revered and respected. 

We still witness some of those same blessings and enjoy relationships with solid Catholics. But, our  world is different. Encompassed by plug-in distractions and tremendous shortages of priests, religious AND Holy marriages, our children have fewer opportunities to witness the divinity of Catholic vocations.


And so it is, with glad hearts, Vianney Vocations and God is Good VBS are bringing excitement and joy to Catholic parishes throughout America, as children look forward to Catholic VOCATION Bible School: Discovery Mission VBS! Dioceses and parishes, in every state, are ordering our one of a kind Catholic curricula for children ages, kindergarten to sixth grade.

Middle and high school students are preparing, with religious educators, to lead this unique, easy to use Vocation Bible School. Children will pray, create, snack, dance and play throughout the weeks of Summer 2017 and we look forward to hearing from even more parishes throughout May and June.

There is victory in vocation education: visit  Or, call us to chat about this unique method of Catechesis: 952-290-0483.a56638f7d97c82b18c5ec2d19085e6e5.jpeg




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